Under floor insurance

Underfloor insulation makes a big difference !!

LGHM recently completed a job installing underfloor insulation. As ZNet Uralla write, “Last week LGHM insulated under the floor of a 110 yr old timber house in Uralla. They used R-1.4 EXPOL 60mm polystyrene blocks and did a great job squeezing in where few people have ever ventured to get the best insulation result possible. This work nearly has the place nearly completely snug from heat and cold. As usual Z-Net Uralla did some energy metering and found the temperature difference between top and bottom of the floor boards shifted from zero difference to 4.5 to 6.0 degC difference. This is HUGE energy saving terms for an old house and equates to at least 1.2 tonnes of firewood p.a.! Also the daily temperature range in the house is now only about 4 degC when it was more like 8-12 degC at this time of year. This makes me think the house will perform better over the coming hot days as well...”